Announced the names of Armenians died while conducting works in manhole


On April 13, at 19:12 information was received that citizens of the Republic of Armenia working in a manhole near the address Belskaya 25 of Ufa city died during the work process.

At 19:31 operative man on duty of the Crisis management center of Bashkortostan of Russian Federation reported the names of the died citizens: Kamo Petrosyan, son of Gerasim (born in 1983), Meruzhan Afanikov, son of Sergey (born in 1962), Surik Afanikov, son of Zhora (born in 1981), Robert Hakobyan, son of Gurgen (born in 1962) and Rafik Grigoryan, son of Gagik (born in 1989, citizen of RF). Rustam Melkonyan, son of Robert (born in 1973) was hospitalized to the city hospital of Ufa.

According to doctors the casualty was in fair condition.

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