Sports: Glendale-based water referee Omar Bardumyan recently visited Armenia.

MediaMax, Armenia
Nov 28 2017

After returning to America, he launched a fundraiser to support development of water polo in Armenia.

“It was my first time back in 30 years and I couldn’t have had a better time. I had the chance to visit my old home, school and many other places from my childhood. I also had a chance to visit the very small Armenian Water Polo federation in the capital of Yerevan. I was taken aback by the enthusiasm for the sport and the excitement of the kids in the Water Polo program. I also realized the lack of monetary support for the Water Polo program. These kids need balls, caps and shot clocks, I want to start a fund to collect USD2000 or more so we can send them some much needed equipment for their program,” stated Bardumyan.

He raised USD1855 in the very first days of the campaign. If you want to donate, please .