VivaCell-MTS Customer Support Contact Center has modernized  / Mediamax, Armenia

VivaCell-MTS Customer Support Contact Center has modernized                               
VivaCell-MTS Customer Support Contact Center, also known as the “111” service, has been modernized and replenished with new technological solutions. A most comfortable work environment has been created to increase the quality of the work and leisure of Customer Support Contact Center employees.

General and individual automatic LED lighting systems have been installed in the renovated and expanded Customer Support Contact Center that allows the employees to adjust the level of lighting on their desks according to their individual preferences. A new air conditioning system has been installed. Innovative solutions have been applied to provide full acoustic insulation of the Customer Support Contact Center interior.

“The technological upgrade of the Customer Support Contact Center is aimed at boosting the customer service quality, increasing the capacity of the office to house more employees and creating a more comfortable work environment for the staff. VivaCell-MTS continuously works on upgrading its operational systems. Being on the forefront of technology requires constant efforts from on all sections of the Company. This commitment lies at the heart of VivaCell-MTS success and competitive advantage for over 11 years,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The Customer Support Contact Center is one of the key units of the Company carrying out a number of functions: promptly responding to customers’ inquiries and complaints, informing about the services and products rendered by the Company, giving technical advice, and, if necessary, making house calls for the elderly subscribers and subscribers with disabilities. In 2017, from January until May, Customer Support Contact Center handled 1,573,961 customer calls, 5521 electronic letters, 5871 online chat sessions and 502 written applications.

The renovated Customer Support Contact Center, equipped with state-of-the-art devices, now houses more operators than before. Taking into account the busy working schedule of the employees, comfortable conditions have been created for their leisure time: the lounge room and the kitchen have been renovated and refurnished. The Customer Support Contact Center is also adjusted to the needs of employees with disabilities.

The modernization process of the Contact Center, aimed at ensuring high service quality and increasing the capacity to provide necessary information to the subscribers, will be continued.

VivaCell-MTS modernized Customer Support Contact Center, previously having the experience, is ready to provide paid distant customer services to small, medium-sized and large enterprises (commercial insourcing).

The first who have been exposed to the innovations introduced at VivaCell-MTS Contact Center were Facebook fans following the official business page of the company. They learned about the Call Center before its official opening and presented their questions to the Company in direct transmission mode, during Facebook Live session by VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

By the way, employees of VivaCell-MTS Customer Support Contact Center, unlike Service Center employees, are not obliged to wear a uniform. Through this kind of approach towards its employees, the Company takes care of their comfort and preferences, by taking into account their heavy shift-based working schedule and the fact that communication with customers is over the phone.