Calendar of Events – 06/22/2017

                        GROONG's Calendar of events
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What:           Concert titled "The Treasures of Sacred Music" with
                participation from Vahagn Hovents, Armenui Terteryan
                and Rozanna Ouliguian
When:           Jul 9 2017 1pm
                Following Church Divine Liturgy which starts at 10:30am
Where:          Armenian Apostolic Church of Crescenta Valley
                Western Prelacy's Hall, 6252 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta, CA
Misc:           The concert program will include the melodies and sacred songs
                from Divine Liturgy and other celebrated Armenian sacred
                hymns. Created by Saints, these melodies are not just a
                product of music making but were like revelations, embodying
                the greatest sacredness. A beautiful combination of spiritual
                songs with the great poetic prayers of Lamentations of
                St. Gregor Narekatsi evoke a spiritual atmosphere and open the
                entrance to the World of Prayers.
                The event is free to the public.
Online Contact: [email protected]
Tel:            818-244-9645

What:           Armenian Economic Association 2017 Conference
When:           Jun 23 2017 1pm
                Jun 25 2017 7pm
Where:          Yerevan State University and the American University of Armenia
                Yerevan, Armenia (jointly hosted)
Misc:           Scholars and researchers are invited to present their research
                in all areas of economics and finance.
                Sessions will be organized by language (Armenian or English),
                and field. No cost to present or attend.
Online Contact: [email protected]


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