Sports: Armenian athletes win 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze at European Wushu Championships

Panorama. Armenia

The European Traditional Wushu Championships (Junior, Youth and Adult) will be over on Friday in Tbilisi, Georgia. On the final day of the championship, the Armenian wushuists celebrated victories in three out of four final rounds. In particular, Arsen Baghryan (48kg) Vardan Danielyan (56kg) and Hayk Gasparyan (56kg) won gold medals. Rebeka Balasanyan (65kg) won the silver.

14 wushuists represented Armenian in the European Wushu Championships. In total, the Armenian team conquered 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals. The closing and award ceremonies of the championships are set on May 20.

“In general, I am satisfied with the performances of our athletes,” Tigran Chobanyan, Chairman of the Traditional Wushu Federation of Armenia, said in an interview with the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, adding that the Armenian team will get ready for Universiade Wushu Championship (Chinese Taipei, August 19-30) and the World Wushu Championship (27 September to 3 October). The chairman also noted that two Armenian athletes will take part in Universiade, with 8 wushuists participating at the World Wushu Championship.

Emil Lazarian

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