Karabakh Defense Ministry: Azerbaijan shells its own positions

Panorama, Armenia

Following the intentional escalations of the situation along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan Line of Contact and various provocative measures taken in recent days, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces on Friday took actions that can no way fit into logic.

As the Press Service of Artsakh Ministry of Defense informed Panorama.am, the video recording devices installed along the frontline have detected that at around 12:15-12:19 and 13:32-13:36, the adversary opened fire on its own positions from 60mm mortars by preliminary data in Seysulan-Yarmja section of the Contact Line, which resulted in explosions in the mentioned area.

“This once again comes to prove that either military of the adversary’s camp does not master its professional responsibilities or there is a lack of vertical management and any commander on the frontline can make a decision on launching an operation. Or, if not the case, Azerbaijani military-political leadership paves a way for its further provocations through such insidious acts.

Artsakh Defense Ministry informs that during the day the Armenian side adhered to the ceasefire regime and refrained from taking any measures, in particular using weapons of large calibres,” the statement of the ministry reads.


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