Armenia’s Hermine Naghdalyan re-elected as PACE Vice-President

Hermine Naghdalyan, Head of the Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), has been elected PACE Vice-President.

The Vice-Presidents were elected at the opening session of the Winter plenary session today.

The seats for the Vice-Presidents in respect of the Republic of Moldova and Romania remain vacant.

Aleksandra Djurovic (Serbia)
Axel E. Fischer (Germany)
Sir Roger Gale (United Kingdom)
Adele Gambaro (Italy)
Antonio Gutiérrez (Spain)
Carles Jordana (Andorra)
Talip Küçükcan (Turkey)
Georgii Logvynskyi (Ukraine)
George Loucaides (Cyprus)
Robert Madej (Slovak Republic)
Ana Catarina Mendes (Portugal)
Marianne Mikko (Estonia)
Hermine Naghdalyan (Armenia)
Zsolt Németh (Hungary)
Ria Oomen-Ruijten (Netherlands)
René Rouquet (France)
Ingjerd Schou (Norway)
(Republic of Moldova, Romania : vacant seats)

Twenty Vice-Presidents are elected annually at the beginning of an ordinary session and remain in office until the opening of the next session (but a Vice-President whose delegation is renewed in the course of a session does not remain in office).

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