Iranian Khodro Automaker company opens branch in Armenia

Iran Khodro Automaker company (IKCO) has opened a branch in Armenia aiming to introduce the Iranian brand to the neighboring country, reports. 

The inauguration ceremony for IKCO’s branch in the Armenian capital of Yerevan was attended by a number of Armenian and Iranian officils. During the event, several Iran Khodro products, including Rana, Soren and Arisan pickup truck, were shown to reporters and visitors as well as Dena automobile which was unveiled as a new product for the Armenian market.

Reza Nafezi, owner of IKCO branch in Yerevan, stated that “the construction process for the bureau kicked off almost one year ago in a field with an area of 1500 square meters and the project was accomplished today.”

“The office had begun operation with 10 employees four of which have gone through necessary training in the Iranian company,” highlighted the official noting that the center would provide services to 20 automobiles per day.

Nafezi believed that products of IKCO had to compete with the world’s modern cars available in Armenia’s market; “the key to success in gaining a larger share of the market is to offer perfect and extensive after-sale services and supply high quality parts.”

“Presently, a total of 3000 Samand and 2200 Peugeot 206 automobiles are commuting in Yerevan though Armenians are also willing to purchase Dena and Arisan pickup truck,” stressed the official expressing hope that the branch would be a good representative of IKCO products in neighboring countries by offering excellent sales services.

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