Amen – an epic drama about Armenian people – to premiere at Arena di Verona




The Amen Project, a unique musical dramatic show dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian and other genocides, will be presented at Arena di Verona, the largest opera hall in the world with the holding capacity of 15 000 spectators.

“Why Amen? Because it’s a word comprehensible to all religions of the world,” producer of the show, composer Araksya Mushegyan told reporters in Yerevan today. She said “it’s an epic drama that will tell about the Armenian people, its origin and faith, its values and place in the history of civilization

“The project aims to show the world that despite the losses and hardships, the Armenian nation continue living, being happy and creative as part of a family with other nations. We present ourselves to the world with our most powerful weapon – the millennia-long rich culture,” author of the script Edward Aranyan said.

“The project is a brilliant opportunity to present Armenia with its history and culture. Speaking about the Genocide, we’ll be speaking about tolerance, the lack of which leads to new genocides in the world today,” Italian producer David Zard said.

After the premiere in Verona, the show will be taken to London, Paris, New York and other places.