Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Prague handed over to Armenian community – Video

The Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Prague was handed over to the parish of St. Gregory the Illuminator of the Armenian Apostolic Church, reports.

This historic event held on October 11 was attended by the Primate of the Czech Catholic Church, Cardinal Dominique Duka, whose efforts made the transfer possible.

Armenia’s Ambassador Tigran Seyranyan expressed gratitude to the Czech people and Cardinal Duka and conveyed the congratulations of the Armenian government. He said “the collective efforts of the Czech Armenian community, the church and the state finally yielded positive results,” he said.

Speaking at the event, Cardinal Duka referred to the Christian legacy of the Armenian Church and people, to the tragedy that befell the Armenian nation in 1915. The cardinal handed the symbolic key of the Church to the head of the Armenian church in the Czech Republic Barsegh Pilavchian
Note that Armenians have never had their church in Prague, but have held all religious services in a Catholic church.