Armenia MOD: Azerbaijan replaces the ceasefire regime with political blackmail

“The targeted attacks on the Armenian border villages and the NKR Army divisions stationed kilometers away from the military positions, which claimed the lives of civilians and servicemen come to prove that in the face of Azerbaijan the international community has to deal with a state that has adopted a terrorist way of action and is guided by irresponsible and unbridled impunity,” the Public Council of the Armenian Ministry of Defense said in a statement released today.

“Baku does not conceal, and even impertinently demonstrates its negligent attitude towards international opinion, legal and humanitarian norms and its own commitments. By inciting armed clashes and escalating tensions at the border, Azerbaijan is actually eliminating the ceasefire regime and replacing it with a regime of political blackmail, thus foiling the mediating efforts towards the settlement of the Karabakh conflict,” the Council said.

“Despite all this, the political self-determination of Artsakh is a full-fledged and irreversible fact,” the Council said, adding that the Aliyev’s delirium of annexing it to Azerbaijan is a mere unrealizable dream, and following it will be disastrous for Azerbaijan itself.

“We offer our condolences to the families and friends of the victims and share their pain. We also express our support to the soldiers, officers and commanders of our Army, we are confident in the might of our Armed Forces,” the statement concludes.