AAE urges European institutions to protect the lives of innocent citizens in Turkey

Assembly of Armenians of Europe has issued an appeal to the European Institutions connected with the situation in Turkey:

The news about the bloodshed that is taking place in Turkey are disturbing. There is no doubt that the riots organized in dozens of cities by the Turkish mob, the murders and the violent acts are organized and led by one and single center.

Dozens of people were murdered, many of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) offices were burned and looted.  Many commercial houses and shops belonging to members of the ethnic or religious minorities in Turkey had the same fate. There is a serious danger that these acts of  hooliganism directed against simple citizens who belong to these minorities will  become massive as it was the case back in 1955 with the pogroms of 6-7 September of that year.

Having in mind all these,

We appeal to the European Institutions to take immediately all the possible measures in order to protect the lives of the innocent citizens that are in danger.

We remind that in Turkey the notorious  301 article of the Constitution is still in force. Based on racial discrimination, this article is justifying any act committed against the life and the property of members of various minorities.

Any procrastination might be fatal.