Shant-2015: The country brought to a high level of combat readiness

All state agencies are prepared to make prompt and balanced decisions in any situation envisaged by the scenario of the “Shant-2015” strategic command post exercises, Deputy Chief of General Staff of RA Armed Forces Movses Hakobyan told a press conference today. According to him, the country has been brought to a high level of combat readiness, Armenpress reports.

“The exercises aim to reveal the potential of the state in case of possible war. This is the first time Armenia is holding exercises of such scale, involving all state agencies,” Hakobyan said.

“It’s still untimely to assess the results, the outcome will be summed up at a later stage. The agencies get certain assignments, some of which should be applied in practice. All participating bodies will get assessed,” Movses Hakobyan said.

He stressed that the Armenian Armed Forces have seriously prepared for the military exercise and have all kind of material resources stored for as long as 65 days.