Shant-2015: Ancient manuscrips of Matenadaran moved to a safer repository

Within the framework of the “Shant-2015”strategic  command-post exercises the precious manuscripts of the Matenadaran Institute were moved to a special repository, Armenpress reports.

Director of Matenadaran Institute Hrachya Tamrazyan said “the Institution is one of the unique centers, which has secured the best safeguarding measures.”

“The new building is furnished with an unprecedented storage system, which is unique in the world. The items on display in different places can be moved to and kept in Matenadaran,” he said.

“Evacuation is a secret program. There are large storage areas in both the old and new building,” he said.

The Director assured the storages are safe even from natural disasters. “These repositories are meant for manuscripts and ancient books. The state has made huge investments in the creation of this system,” he noted.