Sterligov reveals why he left Russia for Karabakh

Russian billionaire German Sterligov will return from Nagorno Karabakh to Moscow Thursday. As a proof he showed the air tickets to journalists at a press confidence in Shushi Monday, the Russian News Service reports.

The businessman revealed the cause of his departure from Russia. Sterligov said he had long been receiving threats. In June, when media reports suggested he could be interrogated on the case of the Combat Organization of Russian NationalistsĀ (BORN). He once again denied any part in the activity of the organization.

Sterligov explained that the only man he knows from BORN is Ilya Goryachev. The leader of the organizations asked money to open a pro-Patriarch magazine, but the businessman refused.

Sterligov also told that he initially wanted to leave for Belarus, but decided to stay in Karabakh. He voiced his admiration for the hospitality and kindness of the people there.

Sterligov hopes to return to Karabakh after answering the questions of the law-enforcement bodiesĀ in order to establish a farmĀ andĀ a fashion house, according to Life News.