President Sargsyan’s congratulatory message on Prosecutor’s Office Employee Day

Dear prosecuting officers,

Dear employees of the Prosecutor’s Office,

I congratulate you on Prosecutor’s Office Employee Day and the 97th Anniversary of Prosecution Service in Armenia.

Today the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia faces many difficult problems among which the strengthening of the rule of law and the fight against corruption are of special importance.

The first article of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia stipulates that our country is a democratic and law-governed state. It is the cornerstone of your activities, and, hence, your institution has a crucial mission to protect human rights and consolidate democratic values.

You must demonstrate an uncompromising attitude towards manifestations of corruption weakening our society, and it is impossible to implement the necessary systemic solutions without your tireless and consistent efforts. You must be guided by adherence to principles and professional self-esteem. I am confident that you will be able to successfully fulfill your tasks through adopting new approaches to work organization.

I am glad that our prosecution system continues to fill with young, skillful and competent lawyers. I believe that there is great potential of qualified experts in this field which can exercise the prosecution powers enshrined in the Constitution.

I once again congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish you further achievements in your responsible activities, and I wish you and your families good health and success.