Russia hopes for compromise between authorities and Armenian protesters: MFA

Russia hopes that Armenians protesters will reach a compromise with the authorities, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said on Wednesday.

“We have been closely watching the recent events in Armenia. We hope that they will remain in legal boundaries,” he said.

“We hope for the good sense and wisdom of the Armenian leadership. Judging from what we know, we believe that a compromise solution on the protesters’ demands can be found,” Karasin stressed.

“We hope the solution will reciprocally suit the interests of the demonstrators and the authorities. We are waiting for news from Yerevan,” Karasin noted.

Asked whether the situation in Armenia could be provoked from abroad, the deputy minister answered that it should be proven. “We will carefully study all facts that had preceded those events but I would not make such snap judgements,” he added.