Concerns rising over the fate of Armenians in Syria




The actions of the Islamic State in the north of Syria are a matter of serious concern for the world, expert of Arabic studies Sargis Grigoryan told a press conference today. He did not exclude the possibility of land operation by the coalition forces.

The ongoing dangerous developments raise concerns about the fate of Armenians in Syria. According to Hakob Avetikyan, editor-in-chief of “Azg” daily, May was the hardest month especially for the Aleppo Armenians. He said an estimated 7 thousand Armenians out of 35 thousand, still live in Aleppo.

“They have stayed for different reasons. Some live there because of their homes, shops, etc., which they fear will be robbed if they are out. Others have stayed because their children serve in the Syrian army,” said Avetikyan.

Despite the past ten days have been relatively peaceful, some consider it’s like “calm before the storm.” Hakob Avetikyan considers “it’s correct on the part of the Armenian authorities to be cautious.

According to Sargis Grigoryan, Armenia has a serious and far-reaching work to do with regard to Syrian Armenians. He considers it was the right time for the Armenian Foreign Minister to visit Syria and hold meetings there.