Armenians will be represented in the Turkish Parliament, expert says




Turkey will vote in parliamentary elections in two weeks. Expert of Turkish studies Gevorg Petrosyan says the elections are historic, as four Armenians representing three different parties are running for Parliament.

In particular, Armenian Margar Yesayan nominated by the ruling Justice and Development Party is the 12th in the list and is likely to be represented in the Grand National Assembly. The expert says this is an expression of the Turkish cunning policy and does not exclude that Ankara will use the presence of Armenian MPs it the Turkish legislature for its own interests. He reminds that Margar Yesayan is a journalist and a proponent of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations.

Petrosyan says Yesayan will always be in the center of discussions on Armenian-Turkish relations, and Turkey will use this to show it’s a democratic country.

The opposition Republican People’s Party has one Armenian in the list, while two Armenians are included in the list of the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party.

Gevorg Petrosyan is confident we’ll have two or three MPs represented in the Turkish Parliament in June