President Of Cyprus: Armenia And Cyprus Are Victims Of Impunity


13:54 24/04/2015 >> POLITICS

We are here today with many leaders to participate together with
the Armenian people in commemoration of the Centennial of Medz
Yeghern, and it is natural, that Armenia and Cyprus, hand in hand,
are condemning the perpetrators of genocide, said Nicos Anastasiades,
the President of Cyprus speaking at the Armenian Genocide Centennial
commemoration event on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd.

Addressing the audience of international and community leaders gathered
in the ceremony, including the Presidents of Armenia, France, Russia
and Serbia, President Anastasiades underlined that participation in
the commemoration event is in pursuit of keeping alive the memory of
that unspeakable crime and paying tribute to the millions of martyrs
that were massacred 100 years ago.

“We are obliged to declare and make an address that impunity
cannot prevail. And in this understanding we are making an appeal of
solidarity. Armenia and Cyprus are victims of impunity, our histories
are intertwined,” President of Cyprus said in his statement.

Speaking of the role of Cyprus in sheltering those saved from the
genocide, President Anastasiades said:

“The Cypriots take pride in the fact that the grandchildren and
children of those refugees are important and active members of our
society, who are keeping and protecting their origins with dignity…

Recognition of those events in no ways hinders the role of nations in
their further international affairs. And in this regard I welcome the
decisive stance of President Sargsyan. It is indeed the right time
for historical facts to be acknowledged since that will pave the way
for the normalization of relations with your neighboring country and
undoubtedly will strengthen the international peace.”

In conclusion, President Anastasiades remarked: “International
environment is replete with challenges, protracted conflicts, threats,
economic crises and political instability. Remembrance of the Medz
Yeghern and paying tribute to those who survived is crucially important
for the Armenian people and Armenian Diaspora today, and the entire
humanity bears that responsibility. We remember and demand.”