Cypriot President: We Remember And Demand! (Video)


13:09 | April 24,2015 | Politics

Both Cyprus and Armenia condemn genocides, President of Cyprus Nicos
Anastasiades said at the Armenian Genocide Memorial at Tsitsernakaberd
on April 24.

“Cyprus was one of the first countries to condemn and recognize the
Armenian Genocide. Today we are in Armenia to perpetuate the memory of
the Genocide victims. Impunity cannot be ignored. Armenia and Cyprus
are the victims of impunity. We pin our faith on International Law,
we shall determine our future on the basis of sovereignty and human
rights. Our peoples have fought and survived,” he said.

Nicos Anastasiades said in his speech that 100 year ago, numerous
Armenians escaped massacres and found a safe haven in Cyprus. “The
children and grand children of these refugees constitute today a
creative and important part of our society, preserving and developing
their worthy origins. We cannot ignore this historical reality,”
he stressed.

Mr Anastasiades said it is time to recognize the historical fact that
will pave the way for Armenian-Turkish reconciliation.” We are here
to pay tribute to the Armenian people who fought and survived the
Genocide with their strength and vigor. This legacy constitutes a
firm and most honourable basis for young generation of Armenians. It
constitutes the compass that should guide not only Armenians, but also
the civilized world. We remember and demand!” said Nicos Anastasiades.