Armenian Genocide Victims Commemorated In Abkhazia


15:50 24/04/2015 >> SOCIETY

Armenian Genocide Centennial events have started in various districts
of Abkhazia since April 22. Fifty thousand Armenians live there thus
making up one of the three largest ethnic groups in the country.

Representatives of 91 nations live in this country, RIA Novosti

An Armenian khachkar (cross-stone) opened in the Armenian village
Pshap, Abkhazia, and 20 Armenians were awarded the title of Hero
of Abkhazia. In the evening of the same day, a concert dedicated to
the Genocide victims’ commemoration was held in Sukhumi conducted by
David Terzyan and with musicians from Yerevan taking part in it. The
President of Abkhazia, Raul Khajimba, was present at the concert.

Today a prayer was conducted at St. Amenaprkich (St Holy Savior)
church in Gagra, followed by the bells of the church ringing 100
times and 100 white balloons being released into the air.

Commemorative evenings have been held in all 34 Armenian schools
in Abkhazia. A procession and a rally are planned to take place in
Sukhumi at the presence of the leadership of Abkhazia.