Address Of Artsakh Republic President On Armenian Genocide Remembran


11:02, 24 Apr 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

Dear compatriots,

Today the entire Armenian nation, all the Armenians in different
parts of the world commemorate the memory of 1,5 million innocent
victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Today bells are ringing in all Armenian churches throughout the world
notifying the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, each ringing
reviving our 100-year-old pain and sorrow.

The wounds of 1915 are still fresh in our national memory and cannot
be cicatrized as long as this villainous atrocity, committed against
the Armenian nation by the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the 20th
century in plain view of the world does not receive proper acclaim,
as long as this criminal policy continues nowadays, each time acquiring
new forms and names.

We appreciate very much and are grateful to all the peoples and states,
who lent their helping hand to our compatriots having miraculously
escaped from the Turkish scimitar, granting to tens of thousands
Armenian families and orphans shelter and opportunity to live. They
eventually became deserving citizens of those countries, substantially
contributing to the development of their second homelands. We are
grateful to all those who raised their voice against barbarians,
offering their humanitarian support, countenance and political aid
to our people, recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian people, being one of the oldest bearers of civilization,
have underwent many calamities throughout its millennia-old history,
suffered indescribable privations and faced countless challenges, but
never lost hope and faith, each time becoming even more steadfast,
stronger and wiser. Being subjected to Genocide and losing almost
everything the Armenians have preserved and protected their faith
and language, culture and national identity. This has helped us forge
glorious victories years later and restore the independent Armenian

Today Mother Armenia, free and resolute Artsakh, patriotic Diaspora
together, hand in hand carve their life path. This is the path of
the Armenian nation towards eternity, justice and victory.