Gallipoli Battle Anniversary: Turkey’s Aim Is To Confuse Internation


22:08 * 23.04.15

In an interview with, in response to a question as to whether
he can make Turkey abandon its policy of denying the Armenian Genocide,
Daniel Feierstein, President of the International Association of
Genocide Scholars (IAGS), pointed out the need for spare no efforts
and continue struggle.

He welcomed the Pope’s remarks about the Armenian Genocide.

The developments are now following the right course. However, Turkey
should follow Germany’s example and admit the Armenian Genocide.

Sufficient evidence of the Armenian Genocide is available, and much
has to be done for all states to recognize the fact.

A Turkish ambassador visits countries that have mot recognized the
Armenian Genocide and warns of possible deterioration of relations if
they recognize the Armenian Genocide. US President Barack Obama is
well aware of the truth, but the question is whether he will accept
it or not, Mr Feierstein said.

Although all the states are well aware of the need to struggle against
genocide, recognition involves politics.

Mr Feierstein also hopes for Armenian-Turkish reconciliation.

As regards Turkish blockade of the borders, he agrees that this is
not a problem of the 21st century.

Although every country has a right to close its borders, they should
follow the way to Europe without borders.

Speaking of the events commemorating the Battle of Gallipoli Turkey
scheduled for April 24, Mr Feierstein said that Turkey’s aim is to
misrepresent the Armenian Genocide as part of that battle.