International Forum ‘Against The Crime Of Genocide’ To Bring Togethe


16:30 20/04/2015 >> SOCIETY

An international forum titled “Against the Crime of Genocide” will
take place in Yerevan on April 22-23. It will bring together about 600
participants including politicians and statesmen, spiritual figures,
and media representatives, Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Garen
Nazarian told reporters on Monday.

Vigen Sargsyan, Chief of Armenian President’s Staff, Coordinator of
the Events Dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial, said that
simultaneously with the forum, there will be exhibitions featuring
books and photos taken by photo correspondents of the leading news
agencies in the hot spots of the world.

A canonization ceremony for the Armenian Genocide victims will be
conducted in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin on April 23. An
all-national minute of silence will be announced at 19:15 local time.

A concert of System of a Down will be held at Yerevan’s Republic
Square on the same day, concluding the Wake up the Souls Tour 2015.

The Armenian Genocide has been recognized and condemned by Uruguay
(1965), the Republic of Cyprus (1982), Argentina (1993), Russia
(1995), Canada (1996), Greece (1996), Lebanon (1997), Belgium (1998),
Italy (2000), Vatican (2000), France (2001), Switzerland (2003),
Slovakia (2004), The Netherlands (2004), Poland (2005), Germany
(2005), Venezuela (2005), Lithuania (2005), Chile (2007), Sweden
(2010), Bolivia (2014). The Armenian Genocide has been recognized
by the Vatican, the European Parliament and the World Council of
Churches. 43 of 50 U.S. states have recognized and condemned the
Armenian Genocide. Parliaments of several European countries have
adopted laws criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide.

Turkey, however, denies the fact of the Armenian Genocide.

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