Nranyan: Eurasian Economic Union Processes May Become Impetus For En


YEREVAN, March 27. /ARKA/. Processes in the Eurasian Economic Union,
including also those related to Kyrgyzstan’s accession to it, may serve
as an impetus for ensuring stability in 2015, which is thought to be
not an easy year, Ara Nranyan, a member (minister) of the Eurasian
Economic Commission’s board, said in an interview with the Russian
Federal Customs Service’s Tamozhnya (Customs Service) magazine.

he said.

More than that – it should be taken into account, he said, that the
region is under crisis pressures now, and this is not only political,
but also economic background of the crisis -from oil price to
devaluation of national currencies.

Nranyan said that although budget revenue is very important, but it
would be wrong to rely only on it.

he added.

He said that at a session of the Supreme Economic Council of the
Eurasian Economic Union the countries’ presidents have said about
the reached agreement, in accordance with which Kyrgyzstan will get
1.9 percent of the union’s total customs revenue.

It was set on January 1, 2015 that the customs revenue will be
distributed among the Eurasian Economic Union member countries in the
following way: 86.97 percent for Russia, 7.25 percent for Kazakhstan,
4.65 percent for Belarus and 1.13 percent for Armenia.

Nranyan said in his interview.

The Eurasian Economic Union Treaty, signed by Russia, Belarus and
Kazakhstan on May 29 in Astana, took force on January 2, 2015. Armenia
signed its accession agreement on October 10, 2014. Kyrgyzstan is
expected to join it in May. —0——

From: A. Papazian

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