Around 24 Million Ton Ore Produced Instead Of 43 Million Ton Prescri


14:42 March 23, 2015


“Only 10 out of 27 companies having been issued the right to soil
management have launched business activities, but not to a complete
extent. The other companies do nothing. Contractual obligations
are not performed, investments are not made and the economy suffers
significantly. The expectations of the state from this field are too
high. Our small country has sufficient resources, but the results are
insignificant, as the statistics show,” Energy and Natural Resources
Minister Yervand Zakharyan said at the consultation with mining
company heads on 20 March.

If the contractual obligations were performed by soil managers, around
43 million tons of ore would be mined during one year. In 2014 around
24 million tons of ore was mined or 56% of the planned.

In 2014 the total value of goods production of mined natural resources
was estimated in the amount of 209,885,997.4 AMD, which accounted
for 103.36% of the total value of the goods production for 2013.

In 2014 the soil managers paid a total of 12,079194.974 AMD royalty,
which makes up 56.2% of the total royalty paid in 2013.

In 2015 the soil managers plan to mine a total of 41,679,000 tons of
mine and to bay 17 billion 172 million AMD royalty.

“You are private companies and we regulate the relations with you by
contracts. We have reciprocal obligations and we demand from you to
perform your contractual obligations,” Yervand Zakharyan said.

Under the official information, the cadaster on mines of Energy and
Natural Resources Ministry registered 970 mines, out of which 38 mines
are metallic. 27 soil management permits were issued for the mining of
natural resources, out of which 11 for gold, 5 for gold-polymetallic,
7 for copper and molybdenum, 2 for copper and 1 for molybdenum,
one for iron.

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