Trial against Valery Permyakov to Be Held by Russian Military Court,

Trial against Valery Permyakov to Be Held by Russian Military Court,
According to Russian Judge

02.28.2015 12:04

Russia’s North-Caucasian Regional Military Court (main office in
Rostov) will soon hold trials of a number of controversial cases,
including the case of Valery Permyakov, Russian soldier accused of
murdering theAvetisyan family on January 12 in Gyurmi. As reported by
Russian TASS news agency yesterday, February 27, the latter statement
was made by the Military Court’s presiding Judge Mikhail Ptitsin

Permyakov is currently at the Gyumri’s 102nd Russian military base,
where a psychological and psychiatric examination is taking place.

The North-Caucasian Regional Military Court has judicial authority
over Russia’s 15 units in Russia’s Southern, North-Caucasian and
Crimean regions, as well as the Russian armed forces military bases
and other entities in Armenia, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.

The Russian 102-nd military base soldier Valery Permyakov is charged
by Armenia’s Investigative Committee for murdering 7 members of the
Avetisyan family in Gyumri. A criminal case has been initiated in
accordance with Article 104.2.1 (murder of two or more people) of the
RA Criminal code. According to official sources, the soldier has
admitted his guilt. Nevertheless, the Russian side has not transferred
Permyakov to the Armenian law enforcement. Permyakov has also been
charged with Article 105.2 and 338.2 of the Russian Criminal code for
murder and desertion.

According to the official information, Permyakov was arrested on
January 13 by Russian border guards near the Armenian-Turkish border
and was handed to the Russian military base leadership, which resulted
in a wave of major dissatisfaction in Gyumri. On January 15 thousands
of people protested in Gyumri demanding that the Russian soldier be
transferred to Armenian law enforcement.

From: Baghdasarian

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