"State Machinery Is Captured By A Couple Of Bandits" (Video)


12:08 | February 26,2015 | Politics

With 16 in favor, 67 against and 6 abstained votes the NA rejected
the project on “Governance crisis” submitted by the Armenian National
Congress (HAK).

HAK faction Head Levon Zurabyan thinks “we deal with deep crisis also
in the leaders of the ruling regime.”

As a result HAK came to the conclusion that if these authorities
continue governing, the RA will soon complete the list of failed
states. As a solution the project suggested holding urgent political
consultations. Number one solution for the HAK is anti-monopolization
and creation of national capitalism.

NA vice president Eduard Sharmazanov claims that there is no governance
crisis in the country in the classical sense, “Governance crisis
happens when the majority cannot work, when decisions aren’t made at
government sittings, when there is disobedience in the whole country.”

Zurabyan thinks “the government is able to make decisions, state
machinery works, but it doesn’t work for the people, it is captured
by a couple of bandits in order to gain wealth.”

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF), which abstained from voting
on the project, thinks that there is crisis in the country, but it
has systematic nature.

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