Founding Parliament Sues Republican Party Official For Slander


17:32 | February 18,2015 | Politics

The Founding Parliament Movement has sued Gagik Melikyan Republican,
Secretary of the Republican Party faction, for slander.

The Founding Parliament claims that Melikyan insulted them in an
interview when he said that the organizers of the automobile rally
to Artsakh under motto “100th Anniversary without the Regime” were
financed by Turkish-Azerbaijan sources.

On January 31, scores of activists representing the Founding Parliament
opposition movement, a successor of the Pre-parliament pressure group,
organized an automobile march to Nagorno-Karabakh as part of their
campaign seeking a regime change in Armenia. Near Berdzor, they were
stopped by local police and a group of plainclothes men who forcefully
blocked their access to the territory of Karabakh.

A number of activists, including Jirayr Sefilyan, a Karabakh war
veteran and a former commander of the Shushi special detachment, were
beaten up during the incident. Also, some vehicles of the automobile
march were damaged.