Turkey’s Leader Vows To Take On Jewish/Armenian/Greek Lobby


FrontPage Magazine
Feb 9 2015

February 9, 2015 by Daniel Greenfield

Oh great. It’s that vast Jewish-Greek-Armenian conspiracy again.

Ever since the AKP Islamists hardened their grip on Turkey, its
demented leaders have been competing to out-crazy Iran by spewing
random hate. Now Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who recently appeared
at the Paris Unity March, is vowing to take on the… everyone who
isn’t a Turk lobby.

“I announce it from here: we have not and will not succumb to the
Jewish lobby, the Armenian lobby or the Turkish-Greek minority’s
lobbies,” Davutoglu said during a speech at his party’s provincial
congress in Istanbul. “I call out to the parallel lobby that sent
them a message: We will stand before you with dignity no matter
where you are; you will be despicable for the treason you have done
to this nation.”

About the only thing any of those minorities in Turkey are lobbying
for is not being killed. But Davutoglu is a favorite of foreign
leaders like Obama and Hillary who overlook the crazy bigotry.

Meanwhile Turkey is helping massacre Kurds, occupying Cyprus and
trying to start a war with Israel.


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