Man Arrested Over Gyumri Unrest Set Free


14:20 | February 6,2015 | Politics

Dozens of people have gathered outside the police department in
Akhuryan demanding the release of Mnatsakan Alexanyan who was detained
on Thursday in connection with the January 15 street protests in
Gyumri city, following the arrest of a Russian soldier charged with
the murder of a seven-member family in the city.

According to press reports, Prosecutor of Shirak Province Raffi
Aslanyan has instructed the investigator to release Mnatsakan Alexanyan
after taking a written cognizance from him not to leave the city.

Mnatsakan’s father and lawyer learnt the news from the media. The
villagers threaten to block the road if the young man is not set free.

According to the law, Mnatsakan Alexanyan can be kept at the detention
center for 72 hours before a case is filed.

Mnatsakan Alexanyan was released a couple of minutes ago. He apologized
to media representatives and said he was hurrying home to see his
sick mother.

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