Russian migration law and its consequences on Armenians (video)

Russian migration law and its consequences on Armenians (video)

12:14 | January 31,2015 | Politics

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia have to take a five-stage exam to
obtain Russian citizenship. The exam includes four written and one
oral test.

“On the whole, the exam is not difficult. One’s basic knowledge of the
language, even the knowledge one acquired at school, is enough to pass
the exam,” says Zhanna Harutyunyan, who intends to leave for Russia
with her family.

The family is going to Russia in the hope of finding better conditions there.
“Both my husband and I shall work there and we shall be able to do
something for our children. Living conditions are worsening day by day
in Armenia, forcing us to seek employment opportunities outside the
country,” says Zhanna Harutyunyan, who is a teacher.

Artak Kolyan, who is a construction engineer by profession, says he
worked in Sochi before coming to Armenia and thinks that it is easier
to work and keep a family outside Armenia.
Russian Migration Legislation underwent changes earlier this year. The
law envisages a facilitated procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship
by Russian-speaking residents from EEU member states. Anyway,
demographer Ruben Yeganyan says there are still numerous unclear
issues that need to be specified.

“In fact, I do not have any expectation that the situation of migrants
will improve substantially in Russia. Still, there are problems
connected with registration, work permit or licence,” he said.

About 50.000 Armenians have been forbidden to enter the Russian
Federation for 3 -5 years, another 150000 Armenians have been
Who is to protect the rights of these citizens?

“We cannot appeal the refusal of the Russian Federal Migration Service
in our courts,” says lawyer Tamara Yayloyan.

Details are available in the video.

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