Former ARF Member Expresses Serious Issues In Party In Light of Newl

Former ARF Member Expresses Serious Issues In Party In Light of Newly
Elected Bureau

01.30.2015 12:36

NKR National Assembly MP Vahan Badasyan said he has proof that
Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) leaders are disguised “agents”
of “non-friendly” countries to Armenia. Hraparak daily spoke to
Badasyan, who had left the ARF many years ago, about the newly elected
ARF Bureau, which led to disappointment in some circles and gave a
reason for others to leave the party. “They (the leaders) have an
objective to close the ARF and that’s why they don’t work according to
ARF’s rulebook, otherwise they wouldn’t have such a role (in the
party),” said Badasyan. He stressed that as opposed to the ARF
rulebook, today, the ordinary party member does not dictate to their
superiors, but rather the opposite.

“The ARF elite, who are growing closer to the ruling authorities, have
withdrawn the party from all processes. The ARF’s collective
composition has been eliminated in the Diaspora because today, the
ARF’s elite have been dealing with personal quotas, resolving personal
issues, and its turned out that us, ordinary members who’ve left, have
become the advocates of ARF and its ideology, while the elite, with
Hrant Margaryan’s leadership, have become anti-ARF. While people
waited; before every meeting there were certain people and assurances
that the direction would change, that we would return to our ideals,
but that didn’t happen,” stated Badasyan.

During the past week, a group of members from the ARF’s Lori
Province’s Spitak Committee have issued statements of disapproval
toward the newly elected Bureau and decided to leave the party. The
ex-members stated their disappointment toward the lack of new members
in the newly elected Bureau and the continual presence of Hrant
Margaryan as chairman. Nearly 3 dozen members from Spitak have decided
to join the Founding Parliament, previously named the Pre-Parliament

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