ECHR adjudicated in favor of Azerbaijani military expert, beaten bec

ECHR adjudicated in favor of Azerbaijani military expert, beaten
because of critical articles about army problems

15:39 30/01/2015 >> SOCIETY

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has announced its decision on
the case of Azerbaijani military expert Uzeyir Jafarov. The ECHR found
that Jafarov’s rights were violated by the Article 3 (prohibition of
torture) and decided to pay him compensation of 10 thousand Euro and
4.4 thousand Euros for the reimbursement of costs, reports the
Azerbaijani news agency “Turan”.

Agency reminds that in 2007 being a correspondent for the newspaper
“Gundelik Azerbaijan” and “Real Azerbaijan” Jafarov was brutally
beaten for publishing critical articles about the problems in the
Azerbaijani army. He was attacked on Inshaatchilar Avenue by some
unknown people. Criminal case was filed under the article 132
(assault), but the investigation had not been completed and no one was
punished for the crime.

As stated in the article, the courts of Azerbaijan did not satisfy
Jafarov’s complaints about inaction of police and thus he appealed to
the ECHR.

“ECHR decision is important for me in terms of the restoration of my
rights and justice, rather than the amount of compensation. The
court’s decision establishes not only compensation but also contains
provisions for the investigation and punishment of those responsible.
I know these people. One of them works in the military police, the
other one in the Interior Ministry. I will ensure that they called the
customer. The decision of the European Court is also important in
terms of not leaving unpunished crimes against journalists and
activists,” said Jafarov to agency.


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