Arstakh to live in peace soon – Tsvetana Paskaleva

Arstakh to live in peace soon – Tsvetana Paskaleva

18:46 * 28.01.15

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan awarded Medal of Commendation to
Tsvetana Paskaleva, a Bulgarian journalist and documentary film
author, on Armenian Army Day.

In her speech, Ms Paskaleva said in particular:

“We have common memories and responsibility. The memories we always
pay tribute to and the responsibility for all that we have today. It
was achieved at the cost of the blood of the Armenian people’s sons
and tears of Armenian mothers. All of us, both here, in Karabakh and
abroad, must defend our borders.

“My dear soldiers who are on the border now, know that you are
protectors. Be brave and courageous and defend the borders with
credit. Dear parents, the loss is great and the wounds cannot healed.

“We will live on to see this day. I know it will happen this century,
we must just believe and work on it. Dear parents, we bow down before
you. We are sorry we could not save your children. They will remain
among heroes forever.”

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