Armenia Ready To Negotiate With A Sober Partner, But Will Impose Pea


16:36, 26 Jan 2015
Siranush Ghazanchyan

Azerbaijan will pay high for the loss of every Armenian soldier,
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has said.

“Tensions were high at the beginning of the year, and we witnessed a
number of assaults launched by the rival. We suffered painful losses,
and we mourn together with the families and friends of all fallen
soldiers. I think no one doubts that Azerbaijan will pay a high
price for he life of any of our guys,” President Sargsyan said at a
solemn sitting dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of formation of the
Armenian Army.

“The purpose of the rival’s attacks is obvious. The Azerbaijani
authorities do not conceal that they strive to escalate tension through
a combination of political and military means. This is a simple policy
of blackmail addressed to the international community rather than us,”
the President said.

According to him, having failed in the negotiation process, official
Baku is trying to show everyone what it can do, in case its caprices
are not satisfied, and is doing this without serious consideration
of the terrible consequences. “Moreover, every time a problem emerges
or something painful happens in Armenia, Azerbaijan thinks its finest
hour has come and shows off at the frontline,” President Sargsyan said.

He added, however, that Azerbaijan’s attempts are vain. “We saw
their speeches and appetite twenty-five years ago, when we were in
more difficult conditions,” the Presidnet said, adding that “we are
stronger today.” “We are stronger than ever.”

“We have no reason to incite war. We never incite incidents, and
we never attack first. However, every assault against us will be
followed by retribution. Until recently, our response actions have been
symmetric in their form and asymmetric in terms of losses inflicted.”

“We are aware that the Azerbaijani authorities are ready to send
hundreds and thousands of their citizens to death only to defend
their seats. But we cannot let this happen at the cost of life of
our citizens, our soldiers,” the Armenian leader said.

“We are confident that the right path is to continue the negotiations,
to reach an agreement on the basis of the well-known principles,
and this is possible only in case we build bridges of confidence. One
will never achieve anything good by burning bridges,” he added.

“I declare once again that we are ready both for the good and for
the bad. All possible scenarios are on my table. We can and have
to negotiate peace with a reasonable partner. But we have to impose
peace on an unreasonable rival,” the President concluded.

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