8th anniversary of Hrant Dink assassination commemorated in Istanbul

8th anniversary of Hrant Dink assassination commemorated in Istanbul

18:24 19/01/2015 » Society

Ã…?iÃ…?li District Organization of Turkey’s Peoples’ Democratic Party
(HDP) commemorated Hrant Dink with a rally on the 8th anniversary of
his assassination.

HDP also released a press statement underlining Cizre Police Chief
Ercan Demir’s connection with the Dink murder. Several recent murders
and disappearances in Cizre have been linked to the police, Agos
newspaper reports.

At the action organized by the HDP Ã…?iÃ…?li District Organization, a
petition was launched for the name of Ergenekon Street to be changed
to Hrant Dink Street. As in previous years, a `Hrant Dink Street’
sticker was placed on the `Ergenekon Street’ sign. The campaign for
the name change will remain open to signatures until April 24, the
date commemorated as the beginning of the Genocide.

A group of around fifty people unfurled a banner stating `Hrant’la,
soykırımla yüzleÃ…?in (Time to face Hrant, time to face the Genocide)’,
and chanted the slogans, `Kurd, Turk, Armenian / Long live the
fraternity of peoples’, `We are all Hrant / We are all Armenian,’
marching from KurtuluÃ…? Street to Ergenekon Street.

During the rally, the group replaced the names of street signs by
placing stickers, changing KurtuluÃ…? Street as Tatavla Street,
Baysungur Street as Konstantin Street, and Ergenekon Street as Hrant
Dink Street.

Xunav Altun, District Co-President of the HDP Ã…?iÃ…?li District
Organization, reading out the press statement, reminded that the 8th
anniversary of Hrant Dink’s passing also corresponded to the 100th
anniversary of the Genocide, adding, `For eight years, those who made
Hrant Dink into a target, those who prevented a proper investigation
and trial, those who turned a blind eye to the murder have remained in
power, public officials have been promoted, they have become
governors, members of parliament and ministers. This murder was
carried out in collaboration by all structures within the state,
including the AKP and the Ergenekon organization; and now they are
rushing to lay the blame on each other.’

Altun stated that they would not remain silent in the face of this
case being used as a trump card in struggles for power, adding that
every massacre that was not brought to justice prepared the ground for
new massacres: `Cizre Police Chief Ercan Demir, responsible of the
murder of 5 children in the Cizre district, is a suspect in the Hrant
Dink case due to his position at the Trabzon Intelligence Branch
Directorate at the time of the murder.’

`The Genocide continues¦ Those who claimed that Sevag Balıkçı, who was
murdered for being an Armenian while fulfilling his military duty,
died because of a joke that went wrong; those who claim that Maritsa
Küçük, who was taken from us at her home in Samatya, was killed during
a crime of petty larceny, in fact want to murder the truth itself. Our
response to those who perceive Armenians as `remnants of the sword’ is
to broaden our sisterhood and brotherhood, and to cry out the truth.
We demand true justice for Hrant, Sevag and Maritsa, the most recent
rings in the chain of the Armenian Genocide. We hold light to this
darkness that transforms babies into murderers.’

Following the rally and the press statement, the HDP Ã…?iÃ…?li District
Organization made a call to attend the rally on January 19, at 13:30,
from Taksim to Agos.


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