Azerbaijani Passengers Leave Yerevan With Gratitude


13:28, 23 December, 2014

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 23, ARMENPRESS. “Armenpress” News Agency managed
to get an official confirmation that the Azerbaijani passengers of
Kyiv-Tbilisi-Kyiv flight of Ukraine International Airlines spent a
night in Yerevan’s Zvartnots Airport.

The aircraft landed in Armenia on December 21-22 due to unsatisfactory
weather conditions in Tbilisi. First time there have been 24
Azerbaijanis in the aircraft and 13 second time.

The Press Secretary of the General Department of Civil Aviation Ruben
Grdzelyan stated: “We provided them with everything, including food.

On the second day 4 men refused to get out of the aircraft, but taking
into account that the aircraft gets colder at night, the aircraft
was heated for those four passengers and the crew.

They arrived at 01:00. The first one left for Tbilisi at 08:00 in the
morning, while the second one left at 06:00. They left with gratitude
and satisfaction for our security measures and thanked us for it. They
shook hands and left.”

As to the rumors circulating in the Azerbaijani media saying that the
passports were taken away, then such issue never aroused. They did
not cross the border. The passports were just checked up, when the
passengers went back to the aircraft. Among other things, the Press
Secretary of the General Department of Civil Aviation Ruben Grdzelyan
underscored that there was only one Azerbaijani passenger, who made
noise. In addition, Grdzelyan noted: “All the other passengers were
very satisfied and grateful.”

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