Soil Managers Getting Nearer And Nearer To Lake Sevan


16:32 December 09, 2014


The Nature Protection Ministry issued a positive opinion to the
geological prospecting of Masrik gold mine, Gegharkounik Region,
submitted by “Alluvial Gold Mining” CJSC.

Masrik River flows into Lake Sevan, which is under the negative impact
of Sotq gold mine and the river water is of poor quality, category 4.

The requirements of the environmental expertise don’t mention
anything about the river. It only mentions that in case red-listed
plants and animal species are detected, the company shall be guided
by RA Government N71-Õ~F and N72-Õ~F dated on 29.01.2010, while the
issue of the fertile land will be used in line with the governmental
resolution N 396-Õ~F dated on 08.09.2001.

Nevertheless, neither the project, not the announcement about the
public hearings was displayed on the official website of Nature
Protection Ministry, while Article 26(1) of RA Law “On Environmental
Impact Assessment and Expertise” says, the expertise processed shall
undergo public notification and discussion to ensure public awareness
and participation, while the other clauses of the law says that the
competent body is in charge of the notification (Nature Protection
Ministry), the initiator and the local government bodies of the
territorial administration at least seven days before the hearings.

The geological prospecting works will be conducted in the northern –
eastern part of Gegharkounik Region, in the area of Verin Shorzha

The average gold concentration in Masrik will account for 302.5 mg/m3.

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