Karine Danielyan Points At Environmental Problems Of 2014


by Karina Manukyan

Wednesday, December 10, 16:36

The condition of Lake Sevan and the depressing subsurface water table
in Ararat Valley are the key environmental problems for Armenia,
Karine Danielyan, Head of the

Association For Sustainable Human Development, said at a press
conference on Wednesday.

The expert recalled that in early 2014 a 3cm negative balance was
fixed in the lake. The situation even deteriorated within a year:
as of 1 Dec 2014, the negative balance was 7cm.

Danielyan said that earlier the water rise in Lake Sevan had a positive
effect on the water quality. Now the lake self-purification processes
may turn around. So, the constantly changing level of the Sevan may
be very dangerous for the lake.

As regards Ararat Valley, the subsurface water table dropped by several
meters because fish farms received permits for water utilization. To
stabilize the situation, the state started closing the illegal artesian
wells in 2013. In addition, the maximum water release from Lake Sevan
has been increased this year.

Danielyan pointed out that the situation in Ararat Valley needs to
be stabilized. Otherwise, the risks of desertification will grow.

Earlier Levon Azizyan, representative of the Armenian Ministry of
Emergency Situations, said that in late 2014 the negative balance
in Lake Sevan would be 9-12cm. In different years the water level
in the Sevan rose by an average of 45cm during the spring flood. For
instance, in 2013 the water level rose by 40cm. This year, however,
he level rose by 25cm only.


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