Genocide recognition by Turkish ‘leftists’ positive step

Genocide recognition by Turkish ‘leftists’ positive step – Armenian expert

12:45 * 22.11.14

The recognition of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey’s progressive
‘leftists’ in the interests of not only Armenia but also the country
itself, according to an Armenian Turkologist.

“Such a move has a positive impact in terms of Turkey’s image, as it
is perceived a step towards democratization,” Gevorg Petrosyan told
reporters on Saturday.

Noting that the move has kicked up a great fuss, the expert said he
knows that Greens and the Left Party of the Future is not powerful
enough as a political force to develop an agenda. “The leftists are
not among the influential forces,” he said, noting that the
left-wingers are more positively disposed to speaking openly and
freely about the Genocide.

Petrosyan said he thinks that Turkey will only attempt to flaunt
democracy without initiating serious policy reforms.

Asked whether the leftists’ move is likely to have a domino effect on
other small political parties, Petrosyan did not rule out such a
possibility. “The lefts ally with the greens; so that, of course, may
have an effect on other left-wing forces and small parties,” he said,
noting that left wingers have been in hostile relations with the
states for decades.

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