Armenian Genocide Play Set For Stage Performance In Turkey


11:46 * 19.11.14

Ahead of the 2015 centennial of the Armenian Genocide, a play telling
about the tragic displacements and massacres is being prepared
for stage.

The performance is directed by Nihat Murshpinar; the author is Ogur
Ozjan, who shared his concerns over the situation of the ethnic
minorities in Turkey. He said that the problem, tracing its roots
back to 1915, continues well into the present.

“While writing the play, I tried to find an answer and asked the
spectator, why has changed or hasn’t changed in the past 100 years?

Seeing the massacres, the people who remain silent are as guilty as
guilty as those who committed them,” he said.

The play features deportees who meet an uncle abroad after being
forced to flee their homeland.

The author spoke of the difficulties he encountered while trying to
stage the performance.

“People think they will expose their structures to risk in this way.

The fact that this play, about the Armenians and the 1915 [events],
is going to be staged in 2015 – which marks the massacres’ centennial
– makes people constrained. We are still looking for a stage. Our
performance is also going to be translated into Armenian,” Ozjan said.

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From: Baghdasarian

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