AOSPs: "Armenia was a real find!"

AOSPs: “Armenia was a real find!”

French Association of Tourism Seniors

Written by The Editor Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thirty member AOSPs left for a week in Armenia. For the participants,
this tour in particular by the receiving agency “Nueva Vista” was a
real discovery.

>From 6 to 13 October 2014, thirty members AOSPs (French Association of
Senior Tourism) found Armenia. The program of visits: Yerevan, the
capital, which celebrated its 2796 years, andthe north “superb
specimen of immense cultural wealth and geographical diversity of this
great today as Belgium and considered to be the cradle of civilization
small nation.” All participants (and god knows they have traveled)
have effect was particularly excited by the reception received
Ashtarak or Garni or the monastery of Haghpar.Messenger Michel,
President of the AOSPs believes that “this trip was a real discovery
and a complete success thanks Jérôme François Arnoux (Consultancy
Arfelia) specialist and great lover of Armenia and receptive “Nueva
Vista” Agency. ” One participant pointed to this effect ” that at a
time when the industry is looking for new locations, the Armenia
offers opportunities for groundbreaking discoveries , “says a press
release. The AOSPs decided to return to allow members who remained on
the waiting list to get there, but also to support the project
Armenian NGO in Etchmia dzin which deals with troubled youth. Indeed,
if this country will this year blithely cross the million visitors, an
increase of 13.5% compared to last year, the French n ‘ account for
barely 40,000.

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