"Germany Leads Anti Armenian Policy": Zhirayr Kocharyan (Video)


13:22 | October 30,2014 | Politics

“Armenians living in Germany do everything possible so that Germans
condemn Armenian Genocide,”- claims professor of Free University
of Berlin, Genocide recognition committee member in Germany Zhirayr

“About 40-45 thousands Armenians live in Berlin. Believe, it is very
difficult to fight against 2-3 millions Turks living there, who try to
hinder our actions in every way, but we don’t give up. Our committee
has organized a number of events ahead of the 100th anniversary of
Armenian Genocide, which we don’t want to reveal,”- he informed.

According to the words of Mr. Kocharyan, Germany continues leading anti
Armenian policy, which makes the work of the committee more difficult,
“Recently Foreign Minister of Germany has come to Armenia and in
his speech he tried to bypass the word genocide in every possible
way. Germany continues avoiding the process of condemning the fact.”

What relates to the actions of Armenia, Zhirayr Kocharyan regrets
to say that we haven’t been able to understand who Turks are, “I am
against any agreement. Turks lead deceitful policy. We must represent
our demands in the international courts and not negotiate with Turks.

We must realize that we deal not only with Turkish authorities but
also whole Turkish people, who don’t consider themselves to be guilty.”

From: A. Papazian


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