Armenian HR activist welcomes oversight functions for opposition for

Armenian human rights activist welcomes oversight functions for
opposition forces

13:29 * 26.10.14

Head of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office Artur Sakunts
welcomes the constitutional amendments envisaging oversight functions
and the post of Parliament vice-speaker for opposition political

However, this mechanism cannot be practically applied in Armenia, he says.

“Theoretically, it is a realistic and efficient institution because,
with political majority existing, it is important to limit the
majority’s power to ensure democratic processes and development. That
is, democracy implies that limits to the majority’s power. Otherwise,
it will turn into absolute rule, authoritarianism, Nazi Germany being
the most glaring example,” Mr Sakunts told

“If the opposition forces and authorities have no differences or the
differences are insignificant – I mean their policy – it does not work
in Armenia. When the opposition forces are called a ‘non-coalition
force’ and there are no differences between, it turns into mere
formality,” he said.

The draft concept of constitutional reforms envisages supervisory
oversight functions for opposition forces in Armenia’s Parliament,
Control Chamber and other bodies. The relevant proposals were made by
the Venice Commission.

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From: A. Papazian

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