Ahead Of Oct. 24 Rally: Opposition Working Out "Roadmap" For Power C


Politics | 22.10.14 | 15:17

By Sara Khojoyan
ArmeniaNow reporter

While the political troika is getting ready for the October 24
rally by developing a common roadmap for a change of government,
news circulating in the Armenian media suggests that there are
contradictions among the political forces.

“The fact that we all announced about our intentions of change of
government, there is no problem here, and no change, either. Now the
thing is how we move to it,” the head of Heritage’s parliamentary
faction Ruben Hakobyan told reporters on Tuesday.

Thus, Hakobyan addressed all those conversations according to which
there are differences among the opposition forces. For instance, the
Iravunk daily wrote that “according to the sources at the Armenian
National Congress (ANC), quite depressed mood hovels there regarding
scenarios for the continuation of the ‘hot’ autumn.”

According to the daily, if some unconditionally trust ANC leader
Levon Ter-Petrosyan, then, especially some young people think that his
path is a path with a dead-end, and they are ready even to unite with
Nikol Pashinyan’s “Civil Contract” structure or the Heritage Party MP
Zaruhi Postanjyan, who said that the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP)
has not yet burnt all bridges with the government.

“If the PAP accepts my agenda, then I can say the surgery is done,
and all bridges are burnt,” Postanjyan said referring to the eight
suggestions she had asked to include in the October 24 rally.

According to the Heritage MP, besides starting the process of
dismissing the president of the country from his post, the PAP, the
ANC and the Heritage Party must recognize Serzh Sargsyan and Robert
Kocharyan as criminals, be consistent about their investigation and
imprisonment upon legal verdict.

Postanjyan’s suggestions also include return of illegally acquired land
and property to the state, adopting counterbalancing and restraining
laws, providing the opposition with control levers, adopting law
about lustration, Electoral Code amendment.

However PAP MP Naira Zohrabyan said that they consider the words of
only the Heritage Party president, vice-president, the spokesman,
as well as the words of the head of the faction.

To show their unity, the head of the Heritage faction, Ruben
Hakobyan said that the Heritage and its leader Raffi Hovannisian will
participate in the rally even in the absence of a common agenda.

Such an approach, according to the political analyst Yervand Bozoyan,
is correct, because any other scenario will be in favor of the

The political analyst told ArmeniaNow that President Serzh Sargsyan
taking a time-out – i.e. delaying the process of the constitutional
reform for four months, by means of media and all other informational
means, will try to achieve discrepancy among the three political
forces, and four months later he will pass the constitutional reform
for his own reproduction.

“All this is so clear that there is no need to speak. The purpose of
the troika must become the opposite process, they must unite even more,
consolidate, because if the government tries to disperse the troika
from one side, meanwhile they must try to disperse the government
from the other,” Bozoyan said.

“Whoever is tactically strong, that one will succeed,” he added,
emphasizing that the troika has big potential for success. “The
government has done everything so that there is such a potential –
poverty, widespread emigration, it will be shameful for the troika
not to use that potential.”

From: Baghdasarian


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