BAKU: US State Dept. wants to spoil Azerbaijan’s int’l image – top o

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Oct 18 2014

US State Dept. wants to spoil Azerbaijan’s int’l image – top official

18 October 2014, 13:26 (GMT+05:00)

The US Department of State wants to spoil Azerbaijan’s image on the
international arena by making groundless statements, Deputy Head of
the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, head of
the Administration’s Foreign Relations Department Novruz Mammadov said
in his interview with AzerTAg news agency on Oct.17.

He was commenting on the statement made by the US Department of
State’s spokesperson on Azerbaijan on Oct.15.

“Unfortunately, the US Department of State’s spokesperson has made a
number of groundless, false statements about Azerbaijan recently,”
Mammadov said. “This appears to be a more acceptable way of
interfering into a country’s internal affairs and exerting pressure on

He said it would be better for the Department of State, which claims
to act under the banner of the rule of law, to make a statement on the
situation and rights of a million Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs, which
have been deprived of all their rights for more than 20 years, instead
of financially and morally assisting aggressor Armenia and the
separatist regime of the Nagorno-Karabakh over the years.

The top official added that the Department of State would be better
making fair statements on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh
conflict under an international legal framework that the country
itself created.

“But the United States disregards such important issues, and thinks
that raising the issues of human rights and freedoms whenever it wants
is solely its international responsibility, while the Department of
State wants to cast shadow – through its spokesperson – on
Azerbaijan’s cooperation with the European Union and the US, and spoil
Azerbaijan’s international image.”

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