Alexander Arzumanyan: Our Political Elite Likes To Choose Between Be


10:55 | October 17,2014 | Politics

The Russian Empire is experiencing its last febrile convulsion;
the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine shows it, says a former foreign
minister of Armenia.

Alexander Arzumanyan says Russia should be kept away from the process;
in fact, the war was waged by Russia.

“Russia should allow Ukraine to solve its problems because I do
believe that Ukrainians will be able tom solve their problems without
intervention of foreign countries,” says the lawmaker.

Mr Arzumanyan believes that Russians troops entered eastern Ukraine
to open a corridor to the annexed Crime. International sanctions
were imposed on Russia in the result of this incursion. “These tough
sanctions instill hope that talks will become more constructive, if,
of course, European partners continue to demonstrate a rough stance,
do not succumb to gas deals and weaken the pressure. I believe that
the pressure on Russia should be strengthened for the country to
understand the importance of peace,” he said.

Mr Arzumanyan cannot say how the developments will affect Armenia after
the country’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. “In case of
confrontation, Russia would undoubtedly unleash war in Karabakh.”

The former official says Armenia could have not joined the Customs
Union, but our political elite likes to choose between becoming a
slave and enemy. “We could have suspended both process and sought
another option that would not conflict with Russia’s interest in our
region and would be compliant with our European ambitions.”

“We needn’t anger Russia, but we should not become their slaves
either. We should carry out a decent and normal policy with Turkey,
Russia and Iran,” said Mr Arzumanyan.

From: A. Papazian

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