Religious comedy musical The Infidel comes to the stage

Sept 27 2014

Religious comedy musical The Infidel comes to the stage

By Rachel Bishop on September 27, 2014 12:00 PM |

Following a huge crowdfunding campaign David Baddiel’s cult movie The
Infidel has made its way onto the stage – with added music.

Theatre Royal Stratford East has taken on the show, which co-director
Kerry Michael describes as having “an exciting original new voice and
some great tunes”.

The stage show will feature music from Erran Baron Cohen who has
revealed his pop writing talents in his score.

The story follows the adventures of British Muslim Mahmoud who
discovers not only that is he adopted, but also that his birth parents
were Jewish.

The ensuing journey has all the expected – and unexpected – cultural
and religious chaos of a comedy.

Armenian comedian Kev Orkian (Mahmoud) and Andrew Paul (Mahmoud’s arch
nemesis Jewish black-cab driver, Lenny) are bringing the rehearsals to
a close ahead of the opening night on October 4.

After finishing a tour in America early to rehearse for the show, Kev
says he is enjoying working with Baddiel, who he counts as one of his
comedic idols.

Speaking about his character who has been donned the “Muslim Homer
Simpson,” he said: “We’ve taken Homer’s naïvety, stupidity and comedic
timing and we are turning it into a father figure that’s part of a
Muslim family.

“It’s a completely different musical to one you’d find in the West End
and with a storyline that is beautifully put together and thought
provoking by David Baddiel – he has created a journey through the
characters very well.”

East Londoner Andrew, best known as The Bill’s PC Dave Quinnan, had to
contend with a busy schedule ahead of rehearsals.

He was performing in a stage thriller, in which he played twins, just
as he began to take on the comedic role of Lenny.

Speaking about the storyline he said: “There’s no political message in
it at all – you’d be hard pushed to be offended.

“It’s a brilliant piece for showing that ultimately, no matter what
your culture, creed or race we are all very much the same.”

Oct 4-Nov 2, Tues-Sat, 7.30pm, matinees from Oct 18; Wed, 2pm, Sat and
Sun, 3pm, £7-24, Theatre Royal Stratford East,

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